You’ve Arrived! Now What?

5406443579 824acd3cb7 Youve Arrived! Now What?You’ve arrived!

What does that look like — I mean for you? (Not the idea you bought into.)

There once was a US Marine Corps Colonel, highly decorated and successful. After a long and glorious career, he retired. When his friends asked him what he would do with himself — what was his dream — he said he simply wanted three things,

My dream is to be my own boss, eat lunch on the beach every day and finish work by 2:30 pm.

He owned a house in sunny Southern California and had a wonderful retirement benefit that would help him keep the lights on. However, the Colonel needed an income supplement and wouldn’t sacrifice his dreams again…

So the Colonel chose to be a garbageman. What?

He had a dream of being his own boss, eating lunch on the beach every day and finishing work by 2:30 pm. Sure enough, the route he chose took him up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. Every weekday, he got to eat lunch by the ocean on a favorite bench. Finally, the Colonel’s route was done by 2:00 pm, leaving him ample personal time.

His wife, on the other hand, hadn’t married a garbageman; she had married a Marine Corps Colonel! She had arrived when he he pinned on his ‘full-bird’… and so she divorced the former-Colonel (because she couldn’t stand telling people what her husband chose to do after retiring from his career).

When do you arrive?

I used to think that if I just work a little longer, fight a little harder or push just that much more I would get to that magical destination. Unfortunately, what I found was that at the top of each hill was another valley to pass through and subsequent hill to climb.

I would never arrive, I finally realized. So I took a seat on my bench and suddenly saw the most beautiful sunrise ever.

It was the same sunset I had seen every day before, but now I saw it through new eyes.

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