22 Mar 2010

The 5 Core Truths in Leadership and Team-Building Success

Do you believe in the company you

22 Mar 2010

Do you believe in the company you work for? More importantly, do you believe the work you do makes a difference in this world – is actually with purpose and worthwhile?

In their book, Gung Ho!, Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles outline a key belief that everyone from the top to the bottom of an organizational chart ultimately wants their work to be worthwhile – to make a difference in this world. Think about it: Would you rather work on an assembly line in a factory putting the left peddle on tricycle 241, or would you rather know that you helped give another small child an ear-to-ear grin as they hopped up on a shiny, classic red, dual deck Radio Flyer tricycle?

Offering purpose is not the fundamental role of leaders; rather leadership – at its very core – it is to recognize, activate, and foster that innate purpose within others. Leading another person, a team or an organization is perhaps one of the most rewarding duties a person can have, in my humble opinion – and the most daunting as well. However, most seem to choose leadership because of some other petty or selfish motivation: money, pride or power. True leadership is less about self and more about what I term a “steward’s mindset“.

I have been witness to a harsh reality – teams are hard-won and easily lost. I have learned that leadership and team-building are more art than science – more stubbed toes than pats on the back. In this series, I will identify five core truths I hold as foundational to leadership and team-building success:

  1. Team: Success by Selection.
  2. Trust: Reward not Right.
  3. Tools: Technology, Training and Team.
  4. Communication: Feedback, Frequency and Forecast.
  5. Commitment: The Steward’s Mindset.

Join me Monday’s for this seven part series as I share what I have come to realize are pivotal points in leadership and team-building success – by which teams stand or fall. Next week – Team: Success by Selection.

Ken Stewart’s website, ChangeForge, focuses on the collision between the constantly changing worlds of business and technology in an information-centric world. Ken serves on the board of the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA), an international industry organization seeking worldwide best practices for the managed print services industry, and writes a weekly column for MPS Insights. He is also the founder of Seeking the Son, and is always interested in connecting with you to see how he might help you.

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