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The World Hidden Before Us.

Sunday night I swung by for Chinese takeout. I love chicken lo mein… Part of the joy of eating Chinese food has always been the fortune cookie. It’s not only the lightly sweetened taste of the cookie, but the hidden fortune inside.

I have begun to judge restaurants based upon the quality of these little treats – even shunning some while choosing others. The fortunes always give me a time to reflect upon the thought and ask questions.

Hokey, probably – but fun, most certainly!

When I opened the fortune cookie inside was a wonderful quote that really gave me some food for thought,

Technology is the art of arranging the world so we do not notice it.

At first glance, I was amazed at how succinct and wonderful this fortune was. In a previous post, The Heart of a Technologist, I said,

I see so many who seem to be on a quest for self-glory or the latest discovery, much like Ponce de Leon’s search for the infamous Fountain of Youth. Some may serve through discovery or creation, while some offer their service in the form of repair or maintenance. When at our best, we operate behind the scenes, unnoticed and under cover of dark, weaving our magic webs of security and five-nine’s availability.

In essence, I had thought the script read that when technology was working as it should, it was invisible.

However, as I rolled this around in my mind, much like tasting a great glass of wine, I began to wonder if it instead meant that technology got in the way of seeing the world for what it is. With communication coming at us in all directions and everything from coworkers to advertisers vying for our attention, are we too connected? Does the noise distract us from seeing the beauty?

These are all great questions for technologist and lay-person alike to ponder. Are you sure you walk your critical path in life? What gets in the way of you seeing life as you should?

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Feeling Like You Need a Recharge?

How would the sentence of your life read?

If your life were a sentence, what would it read?

Do you live each word of your life, or do you live for the punctuation between this phrase and the next?

Everyday we wake up, put our clothes on and get started with our day. For what? Some of us have steadily made choices to bring us to our present and transcribe our future, while others feel as though their life was handed to us like a homework assignment.

I wouldn’t dream of sitting here telling you that you should or shouldn’t have done this or that a different way. Who am I to you to judge your life? But ask yourself this question…

“Do you find yourself needing a recharge at the end of your day, week, month, or year?”

If the answer is yes, then are you doing what you were built to do? If the answer is yes, are you taking a look at what you want to do, have to do, and are being obligated to do? Do you really have a good sense of what you need versus what others have impressed upon you – either through action or by assumption?

I would warrant a guess each of you enjoys certain vices, but that’s not what I’m talking about… Have you really took a hard look at what you have become obligated to? Sure you have to… take the kids to school, workout, do the dishes, take out the trash, do the laundry, go to work, eat dinner, and even schedule date night – Or do you?

I’m not advocating running off to a tropical island and throwing all caution to the wind. However, I am asking whether you have discovered that one thing which really makes you happy and just connects you with yourself?

It’s your choice as to whether that singular sentence of your life is written by your ghost writer – or you.

Ken Stewart’s website, ChangeForge, focuses on the collision between the constantly changing worlds of business and technology in an information-centric world. Ken serves on the board of the new Managed Print Services Association, an international industry organization seeking worldwide best practices for the managed print services industry. He is also the founder of Seeking the Son. He is always interested in connecting with you.

Do You Let Life Live You?

What is it that drives you? Do you sit back and let life live you, or are you living life?

livewithabandon You don’t have to go sky diving or on fancy trips to Europe to really live. All you need is to continually ask yourself clarifying questions. This ensures you find your unique purpose in life.

Not so easy, though. I will be the first to admit that – and there is no one path to enlightenment here, my valued readers.

Soaking It In:

I’ve been reading a lot lately… Oddly enough, it’s been a lot about prioritizing and asking clarifying questions – or at least that’s what I’m getting out of it. Here’s a few of the titles I’ve been gnawing on:

Some pretty deep stuff – no doubt.

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am constantly searching for answers to questions – a proverbial and perpetual student of life. What is it that drives me to find answers, to seek truth – both inside and outside myself?

Just as with our life-partners and professions, we find the best in ourselves when we are aligned with things complementary to our soul, our spirit.

Stress Less and Live More:

Leo of Zen Habits just posted a great article on 10 ways to reduce stress. It’s worth a read (as always), and encourages you to take your life into your own hands.

I could sum it up no better than Kerry and Chris Shook did in One Month to Live:

Death is certainty; life is an option. Just like a roller coaster, the ride of life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. It moves at a fast pace, and before we know it, it’s over. … Each day we have to choose to live.

Wow, we have to choose to live! What a powerful statement.

– What is your choice when you walk into the office in the morning?

– What is your choice when you walk in the door in the evening as your little girl runs up to you?

– What is your choice Saturday morning when you wake up?

Do you choose to live your life, or is your life in auto-pilot? – Is your life living you?


Ken Stewart’s blog,, focuses on the collision between the constantly changing worlds of business and technology. Ken is also the Director of Technology at Kearns Business Solutions.

Are You Afraid of Change?

Quilt of Belonging: Lee Towndrow The one consistent thing in life is change. If that is the case, and we know it, why do we resist change so?

The “forge” portion of my blogs name came from the realization several years ago that you have to commit to change and “break on through to the other side” (to quote Jim Morrison). Often through what feels like fire nipping at your heels, whipping at your face, and eating at your gut, you must fight your way through our primal instinct to resist change!

Change is not easy, but it is expected and can be managed.

So it is change, my friends, that helps us interact with one another. Without change, there would be no need for community, no need to interact with one another. Change, indeed, is the catalyst by which we are forced to react, to interact and decide a direction. This ripples out into an eventual realization that all things are finite, and must be replenished.

In this way, change becomes a compelling force bringing us together.

Build Community

Our lives can be akin to a piece of thread – by itself it really has very little value. Sure it has some use, but ultimately there is no strength or greater purpose to it. No two pieces of thread are exactly the same in length, density, or composition… yet in finding a way to mold them through careful exercise into a functional whole – a blanket of community is born.

This collection of threads creates a useful and beautiful whole; not organs alone does a body make, but the sum of its parts with such wonderful form and function do we celebrate.

With these threads as a metaphor to our individual existences, each place we overlap another thread represents a point of impact in another’s life. Some will be large and some will be small, but it is these cross-patterns, these overlays in the knitting, if you will, that are so wonderful – that you must relish.

The Lesson

So it is that we learn from each other, by depending upon one another; it is at these “touch-points” where interaction and stimulation occur. A synergy of thoughts or actions coming together as a collective whole.

We are touched each and every day by those around us, and must decide how to act, react, and interact. We take away from each experience a lesson: that lesson, however is ours to decide. It is up to you how you perceive change when it is all around you. It is up to you whether you will step through the fire of change or allow your spirit to wither in its intensity.

image credit: Lee Towndrow

Ken Stewart’s blog,, focuses on the collision between the constantly changing worlds of business and technology. Ken is also the Director of Technology at Kearns Business Solutions.