29 Mar 2008

Security isn’t a game…

My friend, Corey, had an interesting post

29 Mar 2008

My friend, Corey, had an interesting post over at Office Product News├é┬ácontending that most C-level executives do not see security as an over-arching strategy…

A common misconception is that security is simply a one-stop shop… This is just not the case. In days long gone, perimeter defenses were mostly adequate in protecting networks from severe attacks.

However, corporate IT quickly learned what one virus or trojan let loose on the internal network might do.

Today security most definitely needs to be a game of stratagem consisting of layering on levels of desktop security, server level protection, infrastructure checkpoints, perimeter walls, and constant user-level training.

Folks, eat it, live it, breath it. If you want to be cheap about things just unplug your computer from the wall, stick it in the closet, close the door, and walk away…

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