21 Apr 2008

Hacker redirects Obama’s website to Clinton’s website.

Hacker redirects Obama’s website to Clinton’s website… nuff said.

21 Apr 2008

Obama vs. ClintoAccording to an article posted on Netcraft via Techmeme, presidential hopeful Obama’s campaign website was redirected to rival Clinton’s website.

A security weakness in Barack Obama’s website has been exploited to redirect visitors to Hillary Clinton’s website. Visitors who viewed the Community Blogs section of the site were instead presented with Clinton’s website as a result of a cross-site scripting vulnerability.

Per the article, evidently a native of Liverpool, IL was able to exploit commonly used vulnerabilities within Obama’s code to force users to be redirected to the site of his choosing.

Mox plays down the matter by saying that all he did was exploit some poorly written HTML code before suggesting that it was a cross-site scripting vulnerability that had been exploited. By allowing users to enter characters such as > and ” into their blog URLs, JavaScript could be injected into pages in the Community Blogs section and would be executed by subsequent visitors.

It’s really too bad, this would’ve made a wonderful April Fool’s Day prank.

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