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Appsbar Offers SMBs an Answer to Keep Customers ‘App-Happy’

Appsbar mobile application development

If you have a smartphone or tablet, I’m sure you’ve downloaded your share of mobile applications. Businesses have certainly gotten wise to this trend, and know this is a great way to promote customer stickiness and engagement. But what about the small business or entrepreneur? Let’s face it, mobile device users are “app-happy”, and it’s […]

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Your Software Demo is Killing Me!

I’m on the other end of another software presentation about a software product I’m halfway interested in – and I’m dying here! How many software demos have you been through that really spurred a reaction? Well, what I mean is a reaction other than you wanting to be on the other side of this demo […]

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Skype, Can I Get Some Love?

“It’s all about who you talk to,” is evidently Skype’s new tag line! When you match a product and service that fits a need (Skype) and a customer that has a need and budget (me) the rest should be pretty easy, right? Not so fast. I’m a big believer in customer experience during the buying […]

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Is MNS a ‘Hotty’ or a ‘Notty’? 10 Questions to Ask Your Consultant.

The cyclical nature of trends in the imaging industry never ceases to {amaze} amuse me. There’s fresh buzz beginning to sprout that “MPS is dead and MNS is what’s hot!” So the question is whether MNS (managed network services) or ITS (IT services) is a ‘hotty’ or a ‘notty’? I can’t believe how many emails […]

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Are You Scared of the Boogeyman? HP Study Cites 50 Percent Increase in Cyber Attacks

Are you scared of the boogeyman? Just in time for Halloween, new cybercrime statistics published by HP reveal that the cost of cyber attacks has risen more than 50% since last year. IT security firm, KnowBe4, cautions that the number is likely to grow: Find out how to protect your business here…

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Recommetiquette: How to Ask for Recommendations Using LinkedIn

Nothing feels better than a pat on the back, and LinkedIn makes no exception to this rule! For those not familiar with LinkedIn, it is a professional social platform to share opportunities, ideas and information. Millions of professionals subscribe, and some might coin the service as Facebook for business professionals. Many have made valuable connections […]

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3 Time Management Tools to Stay Focused

Between professional and personal responsibilities, it’s no wonder you are having a hard time staying focused. It seems distractions are everywhere, and a lot of them can make you think you are doing important work. The one question you have to ask yourself is, “Am I on plan?” It’s a clarifying question, and when you […]

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The Future is Now – g-speak by Oblong

This is going to be great, and just plain cool… g-speak by Oblong. Link to video: Originally featured on TechCrunch.

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Did You Make My List? My 10 Twitter Lists

Are you experiencing information overload? Are you using new media, especially social media like Twitter, as effectively as you can? Everyone enjoys being on the in-crowd, in the know and on top of things. With all of the information floating around, it’s become a necessity to have a great filter to look through. In 2008, […]

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Stargazers Wanted!

In years past, many travelers used the night sky to navigate uncharted oceans and unclaimed lands. They looked into the deep, black sky filled with the stars of legend and the like. Orion, Leo, Pisces and Crux — all constellations standing upon centuries of lore. But most could not read their stories, making way for a special breed […]

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