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FREE Time Management Tool: Download the Daily Focus Pad

Destroy Distraction Daily Focus Pad by ChangeForge

Of all the workplace productivity and time management tools I’ve tried over the years, I never could find one that had everything I needed in one spot. So I created my own called the Daily Focus Pad. In their book, Rework (affiliate), Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson speak about creating their products to scratch their […]

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Be in the Business of ‘Life Margin’

At its core, the focus of a business is to retain and attract customers to achieve revenue. To stay alive, a business must be able to achieve a level of operating profit to sustain itself and promote future growth. So each component of a business is geared to this overall end of getting margin and […]

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The 5 Core Truths in Leadership and Team-Building Success

Do you believe in the company you work for? More importantly, do you believe the work you do makes a difference in this world – is actually with purpose and worthwhile? In their book, Gung Ho!, Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles outline a key belief that everyone from the top to the bottom of an […]

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4 Keys to Success You Need to Survive

In uncertain times people often seek stability, safe harbor from the storm of change swirling around them. While some thrive, most cringe, hunkering down, tense and nervous, in expectation of the blows to come. What differentiates those few who succeed and thrive from those who curl up in anticipation of a long, cold winter?

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How Do You Deal With Change In Uncertain Times?

It’s an election year, the government is bailing out mortgage and insurance markets alike, and in acquisitions proceed at a break neck pace within the document industries. With jobs in jeopardy, a shaky economy, and foreign affairs tumultuous it stands to reason the average Joe might have be experiencing just a little anxiousness.

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